Bilge Alarm

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Bilge Alarm is a device that controls separator/filter unit that executes the discharging of bilge.                           

It gives warning signal when the concentration of the discharged bilge water is higher or equal to 15ppm.

It is separated into 2 units, control box and sensing unit, so that the installation and maintenance is easier. It acquired KR and Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries standards by being satisfied with regulations of IMO MEPC60(33) in 1997. (ISO9002 Certificate, CE Mark-DNV)


Detail Information
Bilge alarm indicates an alarm signal when the concentration of drainage from Oily Water Separator/Filter Unit is higher or equal to 15ppm. As the solenoid valve will automatically shut off for 20 seconds after the response, so discharging process of bilge water could be operated without any attention of operator.

The bilge alarm case is constructed as a steel box in accordance with IP56 and sensing unit is sealed for water-proved. Electric parts and warning circuit are located in the main board. The front side of bilge alarm has digital ppm displayer and 2 LED (Normal : green, Alarm : red). Sensing unit and case is connected with flexible cable to avoid any damages.

Principle of measurement
The oil-contents in bilge water is measured by scattering action of the light induced by oil particles. By measuring scattering light and calculating the scattering rate, it factors in the influences of varying light sources. Scattering light can be detected by exposing the high intensity infrared rays to the sampling water passing through the cylindrical Sample -Tube(cell).

Range : 0-25PPM
Set Point : 15PPM
Response Time : Within 20 Seconds(Adjust possible by user)
Alarm Contacts/Rating : Single Pole c/o/2.5A at 250VAC
Alarm Indication : Red LED on front panel
Digital Display : 2digit 7-segment
Output Signal : 0 ~ 5VDC, 4 ~ 20mA(option)
Power / Consumption : 110/220VAC, 60Hz / 20VA
Dimensions : Case:300mm(H) x 200 mm(W) x 120mm(D)
Sensing Unit : 190mm(H) x 220mm(W) x 90mm(D) Enclosure Rating : IP56


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